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Ode To My First Love

People often say you never really forget your first Love. Well mine has had a profound influence on me, and I would like to tell you about her.

We met in the summer of 88. We were young. I was in love. I pursued her with reckless abandon. For her I forsook my friends and ignored responsibilities. My parents thought our relationship was unhealthy because we spent so much time together. But I didn’t care.

My friends felt that we were an odd couple; with my being such a quiet and reserved individual, and her being flamboyant and commanding so much attention whenever we were out together.

When we parted ways, I thought we were over for good. We did not see each other for many years. I never really stopped loving her, I just thought maybe our relationship had ran its course. During those years of separation, I thought of her often; I just could not bring myself to reach out to her.

Although I did not reach out to her, my thoughts never left her. I could not even bring myself to talk about her without feeling some sense of guilt, as if I had abandoned her. I felt I had done her wrong and needed to be with her. I often thought of where we could have been and how she enhanced my life. But I had been so long without her. I did not know how to come to her and pick up where we left off.

Then, it happened, the moment I had been dreading and dreaming about since we parted ways. Someone found out about us and asked me about our relationship. They wanted to know our history and found it fascinating. They could not believe what they had heard and had to see us together; as if to prove our relationship had been real. I agreed to show them. However, this first meant that I had to go to her. I wondered if the time we spent apart had ruined us. I secretly hoped that we could pick up where we left off. I hoped that it would not be awkward and that I could show her once again, the love and dedication we once shared.

I went to her and true to my desires, it was more than I could have imagined. Five minutes after our initial reunion, I knew we were meant to be, and that our relationship would be ok. Although decades had passed, we still had the spark. A spark that would intensify and change my life for good.

I kept my promise; we made our first public appearance a few days later and it was brilliant. The pride I felt having her by my side was electric! I needed more and knew I did not want a future without her. I then decided to take our relationship to new horizons and introduce her to the world. We planned our first trip in almost 20 years. We decided to go big...and big we went.

We found a group of others in a similar relationship. While none as intense as ours, it was great to be around like-minded people. We started in Scotland; my Love’s ancestral home. What a homecoming it was for her. We toured eleven cities; the highlight being her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s summer home at Balmoral Castle, where I introduced her to the Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen of England.

Today, we are still happy together with the promise that we will never part ways again, we are like two peas in a pod. We like to spend our mornings together, before anyone else gets up, because not everyone shares our passion. But we are deeply committed. Oh my dear bagpipes; I Love you and will never leave you again.

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